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To provide full service to their customers MEM International decided to build up a complete showroom with two complete canmaking lines in their warehouse. Those lines can be inspected at any time by our customers, and make us able to show our customers the capabilities of our product.

We have a complete 99 mm food-can line in our warehouse and a 153 mm paint-can line. Besides the fact that we are able to show the capabilities and the quality of the machines we are also able to show how to operate the machines and if necessary/required we can make a training program to the customer his needs to learn the most efficient way to the customer about how to operate the MEM can manufacturing machines.

We are able to run the lines from the duplex slitter until the palletizer including the process of inside powder coating and outside lacquering of the weld with a complete curing system to dry those applications. Should you be interested in visiting the MEM International Showroom, please contact us and make an appointment as we would be pleased to have you over and show our own brand of canmaking machines!