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MEM is one of the oldest company’s in the canmaking industry and well known. Founded by Adriaan Reijns in 1946. MEM sells new & used canmaking equipment for more than 70 years and developing solutions for their customers.

New in stock

Automatic ear welder for plastic handle

Canco 400 Automatic Seamer for round cans

Automatic flanger beader seamer ( new machine )

Angelus 29 P Automatic seamer for round cans

Automatic Lanico Rapid type DT 265 for round cans

Automatic seamer Angelus 40P tooled for 83mm

Automatic Lubeca seamer type LW 303 for rectangular cans

Cameron 226 automatic vacuum seamer for cans

Automatic welder MEM AW 230 tooled for 99 mm cans, speed up to 230 cans per minute

Soudronic Automatic Welder type VAA 1000 U with 73mm tool

Soudronic VEA 25 TE automatic welder

Induction heating oven Nordson/ Mountaingate

Automatic Liner for cans IMC type 8 BX

Automatic seamer for round cans Karges Hammer type PH 5

Automatic Palletizer for cans type MEM AP

MEM automatic seamer type AS/99

Lanico BEA-341

Lanico V110 semi automatic seamer with automatic lid-feeder

Larsen H20 Automatic Bailer

Larsen B20 Automatic Earwelder

UV oven Fulin type FL-UV8002

Soudronic VAA-K100 with 65mm tooling

Blema line for Composite Cans

Siropack Wrapper

Complete aerosol line