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MEM is one of the oldest company’s in the canmaking industry and well known. Founded by Adriaan Reijns in 1946. MEM sells new & used canmaking equipment for more than 70 years and developing solutions for their customers.

New in stock

Automatic stainless steel seamer type MHFGJ100G-V1

Metalbox GCR700 automatic seamer

Krupp P320 30 tons press with double curler

Naroska PENR 75 press

Philipp Wimber PDEN 45 press

Biagosh & Brandau PEN32 press

Schuler type PEV 25, 25 tons press

Krupp Dvtrz parting machine

Cevolani MSB 84 scoring machine

Soudronic VEAW-K 50

Klinghammer SIA 180 automatic parting machine

IMC 186 automatic liner

Klinghammer guillotine slitter

Klinghammer 446 semi – automatic slitter

Crown double disc curler

Metalbox CRS 334 automatic seamer

Lubeca LW 202

Klinghammer 460 automatic seamer

Lubeca LW211 automatic seamer

Schuler A6b115 automatic die flanger

Krupp cut-o-mat slitter (R) ( also known as Krupp type SDVT )

MEM Outside Laquering System (MEM OLS- SP)

Protected: Automatic Pail welder MEM TYPE APW Special design GRME

Paint can line

Conveyor belt