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MEM is one of the oldest company’s in the canmaking industry and well known. Founded by Adriaan Reijns in 1946. MEM sells new & used canmaking equipment for more than 70 years and developing solutions for their customers.

New in stock

IMC 186 automatic liner

Klinghammer guillotine slitter

Klinghammer 446 semi – automatic slitter

Crown double disc curler

Metalbox CRS 334 automatic seamer

Lubeca LW 202

Klinghammer 460 automatic seamer

Lubeca LW211 automatic seamer

Schuler A6b115 automatic die flanger

Automatic Seamer type MEM ACS 1H

Krupp cut-o-mat slitter (R) ( also known as Krupp type SDVT )

MEM Outside Laquering System (MEM OLS- SP)

Protected: Automatic Pail welder MEM TYPE APW Special design GRME

Paint can line

Conveyor belt

Semi- Automatic Seaming Machine INDOSA MP160

Meltog DBN-2 Automatic flanger/beader

Automatic Meltog type 157 Bodymaker

Karges-Hammer M2BF2

Automatic Pail welder MEM TYPE APW

Automatic ear welder for plastic handle

Canco 400 Automatic Seamer for round cans

Automatic flanger beader seamer ( new machine )

Angelus 29 P Automatic seamer for round cans

Automatic Lanico Rapid type DT 265 for round cans