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Automatic ear welder for plastic handle

Automatic ear welder for plastic handle MEM type APEW

Product introduction:

The fully automatic plastic handle forming and ear welding machine is a new product which research and develop successfully in 2015. This machine is combined plastic handle shape-punching, ear welder hole punching together with ear welding. Which breaks through traditional production process, uses ‘rivel’ type welding ear and coil type plastic belt which punching into shape and welding ( this product have already passed country validation testing department) it saves not only material, but also the labour cost. The machine adopts cam moving, cam transmission, feeding with electric cylinder and siemens moving control system to make it run precision highly, flexible and good stability with high speed.

MEM Id: 20191810RM


Can diameter
153-180 mm

155-300 mm

Up to 60 cans per minute

4.200 Kgs
3800x2700x2400 mm

380 Volt / 50Hz 

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