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Krupp can-o-mat tooled for 99mm, combination machine for spin flanging and beading

Automatic high speed closing machine Angelus 60L tooled for necked in cans 73/70

Automatic Lubeca LW 203 high speed closing machine with driven lifters

Automatic IMC 178 seamer

Indosa Type 125 T semi-automatic seamer tooled for 99mm cans.

Automatic Lanico VA 258 seamer for round cans

Cevolani AT78 Automatic Seamer. Seamer is tooled for 73mm cans

Lanico CF 384 tooled for 65mm coming soon

Automatic IMC 478 seamer

Automatic Lanico Rapid type DT 265 for round cans

Automatic die flanger Shin I type S-B14AL with 153mm tool

Automatic die flanger Fmi model 1153

Automatic seamer Angelus 40P tooled for Dia 73 seaming Dia 70 necked end bottom

Cameron / FMC vacuum seamer type 216 for pear shaped cans

Composite cans slitter/winder

Soudronic ABM 150E Automatic Welder

Cold pressure welder MEM type MEM CPW100

Klinghammer 430 double flanging/ single seamer

Automatic stainless steel seamer type ACS-V2 new machine

Automatic IMC 178 seamer

Automatic stainless steel seamer type ACS-V1 new machine

Smag ZSMVa-1 Automatic welder with tool for 99mm, 108mm and 116mm

Metalbox GCR700 automatic seamer

Krupp P320 30 tons press with double curler

Naroska PENR 75 press