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Indosa Matic type 100 automatic seamer tooled for 108 cans

Indosa Matic type 131 automatic seamer tooled for 83 necked in cans

Semi automatic seaming machine

Automatic seamer Comaco AG 160

Semi automatic seamer MEM SAS153

Klinghammer SBA 300 squeeze flanger (SOLD)

Automatic Meltog type 613 Bodymaker

IMC/FMC/CCC HCM type 550 automatic seamer

Lanico Rapid semi automatic seamer tooled for 83mm

Soudronic VAA-K100 with tooling for 65mm

Angelus 29P Automatic seamer for round cans tooled for approx 99mm machine will come with new seaming rolls and new chucks

Automatic IMC 178 seamer

Automatic Lubeca LW 203 high speed closing machine with driven lifters tooled for 83mm

Automatic stainless steel seamer type MEM ACS-V153 (new machine)

Lanico BFD 326 double necker flanger seamer

Soudronic FBB 5700 U automatic high speed welder

Automatic seamer Manzini comaco AG110

Semi automatic Lanico V10 A

Carnaud model 510 C tooled for Ø 99 with steam injection

Semi automatic Soudronic welder type NRZD12

Lanico Rapid semi automatic seamer tooled for 99mm

semi automatic seamer MEM SAS99

Meltog CSM500 Round and Irregular seamer

Automatic Meltog type 613 Bodymaker

Angelus 69P Tooled for approx. 72mm