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Semi- Automatic Seaming Machine INDOSA MP160 tooled for approx 73mm and we have also seaming chuck for 99mm

The Semi-automatic seaming machine Indosa MP 160 is suitable for filling and closing of preserve, tin and composite cans.
This machine is  mainly made of stainless steel and anodized hard aluminium.

The machine is simple for operation with automatic, cam-controlled seaming operation.
Adjustment of can height by hand lever.
Change over to other can diameter by easy and fast exchanging of format parts.
Year of manufacture: 2007

MEM Id: 20190611


Can diameter
40 – 160 mm
20 -220 (280) mm
up to 10 cans per minute
35 Kgs excluding table
380 Volt / 50Hz
0.3 KW

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