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Recent machines

Klinghammer SBA 300 squeeze flanger (SOLD)

Cameron / FMC vacuum seamer type 216 for pear shaped cans

Composite cans slitter/winder

Krupp cut-o-mat slitter (R) ( also known as Krupp type SDVT )

Semi- Automatic Seaming Machine INDOSA MP160

Meltog DBN-2 Automatic flanger/beader

Automatic Meltog type 157 Bodymaker

Automatic Lanico Rapid type DT 265 for round cans

Cameron 226 automatic vacuum seamer for cans

UV oven Fulin type FL-UV8002

Automatic Embossing machine C.M.M. Type TMB 350

Jorson powder coater with induction oven

Klinghammer DFS 125 flanger /seamer

Klinghammer 430 with S-119